1000 calorie destination bootcamp routine

1000 Calorie …destination Boot Camp Routine

Workout written by Kyle Cavnar

One Thousand Calories. For many, this amount of exerted energy is an incredible feat and, in order to achieve it, one must truly be willing and able to push themselves way beyond their comfort zone! This means when your lungs start burning, run faster. When your muscles start quivering under the tension, push HARDER. When you are contemplating whether or not you’ll make it to the finish line…YOU SAY YES AND YOU JUST DO IT!

5-Minute Dynamic Warm-Up:

2 rounds of the following:

  • 25 yards high knees
  • 25 yards butt kicks
  • 25 yards walking alternate lunges
  • 25 yards jump squats (aka frog jumps – leaping forward)
    • Pause between each frog jump, stand tall and position yourself into a squat, jump as far as you comfortably can, land with minimal impact on the ground, and repeat for 25 total yards!
  • 20 reps Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (20 on each side)

Boot Camp Circuit 1

Perform this circuit 3 times.

Station 1:

  • Kettlebell Swing Superset Split Jump Squat with Kettlebell
    • 25 reps with the kettlebell swung all the way to above the head with arms fully elongated.
      • This will require some really good control and a moderately challenging weight, but nothing too heavy.
  • 25 reps Jump Squats with a wide stance and holding the kettlebell in between your legs (arms fully lengthened the whole time).

Station 2:

  • Superset (Repeat the following 3 times):
    • 5 Heavy Med Ball Slams → 15-yard sprint → 15 explosive pushups
      • The Med Ball should weigh around 10 – 20 lbs. Try to catch it on the bounce and keep a continuous motion going.
      • Sprint as quickly as you can!
      • Push-ups can be challenging for some so here are a few variations pending your ability:
        • Level 1: perform on your knees
        • Level 2: perform on your feet and hands but don’t let the hands leave the ground.
        • Level 3: perform with a level 2 set-up, but try to bring the hands off the ground and catch yourself on the way down! Repeat as quickly as possible.

Station 3:

  • 50 yard Sprint → 50 yard Barbell / Dumbbell / OR Kettlebell Overhead Walk → 15 Burpees with optional dumbbells!
    • Sprint half a football field length!
    • Grab a weight you can comfortably hold over your head with arms fully elongated the entire time. Walk as quickly / briskly as possible for 50 yards. DO NOT LET THE WEIGHT DROP OR YOUR ELBOWS BEND! You must be able to keep the weight held directly over your head the entire time.
    • We all know and love / hate…mostly hate…burpees! Try performing them with a pair of dumbbells in the hand! Yes, you’ll need to balance yourself on the dumbbells as you make your way to the ground so try to be careful and not rush it! If you feel comfortable with the weight and motion, try to increase the amount of weight! Get as heavy as you can without sacrificing form.

Boot Camp Circuit 2

Perform both stations 3 times total.

Station 1:

  • SLED PUSH → SLED PULLS → 20 Bodyweight DEEP Squats (hands on top of head)
    • Using an appropriate amount of additional weight on the sled, you’re going to push it for roughly 25 yards as QUICKLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE and as HEAVY as possible! Immediately, you’ll strap a belt or waist wrap around you and hook the end of it to the sled itself. Perform a 50-yard Sled Pull at a proper but controllable speed. THEN, step out of there, put your hands on your head and pull your elbows back. Perform 20 bodyweight squats as DEEP AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY GO. Think you can sit on your calves? DO IT! Perform these squats with a controlled 2-count negative, 1-count pause at the bottom, and 2-count contraction on the way up!

Station 2:

  • Battle Rope Medley Superset V – Ups
  • 30 seconds Side Slams
    • Face the anchor, feet shoulder-width apart, and knees slightly bent. Grab the ends of the rope with palms facing in. Brace your core and hold the rope on the left side of your body. Raise your arms up overhead and forcefully slam the ropes down to the right of your body. Continue alternating sides.

Boot Camp Circuit 3


  • Sled Sprints Giant Pyramid Set
    • Starting with just the sled itself, you’re going to sprint / push it 15 yards as quickly as you can. Your partner or trainer will add a small amount to the sled (10 or 25 lbs). If you’re daring enough, it might be a 45 lb plate. Turn around and sprint / push the sled back to its original starting point. Add additional weight equal to the same amount you firstly added! So if you added a 25 lb plate, add ANOTHER 25 lb plate. KEEP REPEATING THIS UNTIL YOU’RE NOT ABLE TO PERFORM A 15 YARD SPRINT. Once you achieve failure, go for a light 3-minute jog.
    • Rest about 2 – 3 minutes…because now you’re going to perform the adverse! Whatever weight you were able to work up to, you will now start with that weight. Perform 15-yard dashes, decrease the weight accordingly, and keep repeating until it’s just you and the sled with no additional weight!
    • Perform another 3-minute jog to wrap things up!
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