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The Race to 1,000: …destination’s Journey

This gym is the product of lots of love and a fair bit of luck. When we set out to create a hub for the iron sport in Dallas-Fort Worth, there were no guarantees; we knew that there were plenty of people in the metroplex and around the world that could fall in love with the facility we had in mind, but we could never have anticipated the success we’ve experienced in the years since our creation.

In the beginning, we were able to put together a respectable line of equipment, several pieces of which are rare and hard to find in more conventional gyms. We were incredibly empowered by our continuing partnership with GASP and Better Bodies. We took advantage of our deep roots in the bodybuilding and general fitness community and built a small and incredibly talented and professional team of trainers. We did everything we could to construct an environment where dedicated lifters and motivated novices could feel equally at home in a place that encouraged them to become their best possible self.

It’s our sincere hope that we were able to do all of these things, and we never could have gotten this far without our members, who have helped us every step of the way. Without you, there’s no community; there would be no cookouts and no transformation challenges. Thanks to your continued support, we’re able to keep improving …destination, growing it into a Mecca of training. Thanks to you, we’re able to add fantastic new equipment like the new PRIME machines, and our training floor is spilling out into the backlot. Thanks to you, we’re able to plan even more great expansions to the facility. We want to make Plano the strongest city in the world, and with 1,000 members we’re well on our way.

We’re just getting started. That’s the thing about destinations: the best part is the journey.

See you in the gym!

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