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Where to Find Strongman Equipment and Resources

We caught up with resident expert Josh Bryant about training for strongman competitions. There are limited resources for aspiring strongmen on the internet. We spoke with Josh about his tips for finding the appropriate equipment to start training for strongman events.

Josh’s Recommendations

Find a Gym

This one is the most obvious. Search around for local gyms that have the necessary equipment or allow you to store some equipment at the facility. Strongman is growing in popularity, so you might be surprised at the number places where you find good event equipment. One way to hunt down equipment is to look up strongman contests in the area and see if any local gyms host events. They will be more likely to have equipment you can use. There are resources on the web to help you find a facility. If you live in the Dallas area, …destination has a lot of trainers and members with strongman experience that can help you get to work.

Buy Your Own Equipment

If you’re stuck training at a local chain gym, chances are you are going to need to invest in your own equipment. There are a ton of great companies popping up around the country that offer unique event equipment. Strongman equipment can take up a lot of space, so make sure you have a place to store it. Ask your local gym owner if they’ll let you store it at the gym, or talk your spouse into keeping it at home. Owning your own equipment can make training easier and make you a resource for other prospective strongmen in your area.

Make Your Own Equipment

Another option is to make or commission your equipment. Most strongman equipment is quite simple. Most items can be made with raw materials and some basic welding skills. Unique items like Atlas stones are quite easy to make using molds. There are plenty of online tutorials to use as resources if you decide to take this route.

Bonus Tip: Become an Ass-Kicking Machine

Don’t worry too much about the events at first. You need to achieve a base level of strength before you’ll be competitive. As my mentor Fred Hatfield used to say, “You can’t shoot a cannon out of canoe.”

You need a strong base. Work on normal powerlifting movements to develop a great strength base that can carry over into strongman events.

Check out the video below to hear directly from Josh.

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