Achieving your Goals, One Step at a Time

By Yuri Diogenes
IG: ydiogenes
Twitter: @yuridiogenes
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Last Saturday (July 8th 2017), I had the opportunity to deliver a workshop in Fortaleza, Brazil about achieving goals, and how the discipline of iron can help you to get there. The workshop covered some aspects regarding work life balance, which is something that I already covered in this post, and also about the importance of the right mindset when pursuing your goals.

Reality is that many people have all tools in hand (right supplementation, perfect nutrition, personal trainer, and time), but they still failing to achieve their physical goals. Why? Many times this is a reflection of a fixed mindset, which can play games with you, and lead you to bad results. People with fixed mindset believe that failure is the limit of their abilities, they easily give up when they don’t see results right away, and all these things together are the recipe for disaster.

What the discipline of iron taught me was that we must be patience to see real results, it takes time to sculpt your own body, it is a matter of continuous improvement, training after training, meal after meal, and rest after rest. All things must be in synergy in order to have great results, and big changes won’t happen overnight. Therefore patience and consistency are the foundation to success in this sport, but if you bring the same mentality to your daily activities, your work, your career, your family, you will see that patience and consistency can also play a big role in your personal success.

OK, and what this has to do with the mindset? Everything! If you have a growth mindset, you will focus on the continuous improvement, you will enjoy the journey and learn from it, rather than focusing only on the destination. You will appreciate failure, because it is a chance to learn from your mistakes, and improve next time. The growth mindset approach can lead you to great results at the gym, at work, and personally with your family.

The second part of the workshop was about the Transformation Challenge program, which by the way is going to start the 6th edition next August, 19th 2017. In this part of the presentation I talked about the purpose of the program, and used some of our HIIT Workout Series as an example of how we incorporate information in the eBook, aligned with exclusive information for our closed Facebook group in order to create a support system to help you achieve your goals.

The first step to change your body is to make sure your mind is ready to change, therefore is primordial for you to do a self-assessment, and see if you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. You can try this self-assessment quiz to get started. For further reference on this subject, I recommend you to read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success book.

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