Antonio Ramos

Hometown: Dallas,tx

Competitive history: 
Men’s physique show 2016 and bodybuilding 2018


Weight loss, general strength and conditioning, I’ve work with Special populations geriatrics group such as geriatrics and various conditions such as Autistic, ADHD/ADD, MS.

[email protected]


Bachelors in Kinesiology
United Navy Veteran
Rugby Player at UNT for 4 years; 1 year in New York for Brooklyn; then 4 for Dallas mens club.

Fun fact:

Competitive Country Dancer

How would you describe your training style:

Empowering my clients to reach their goals by becoming increasing self-body awareness and giving you the knowledge so that you can continue to live a healthy life inside and out of the gym.

What do you do to keep training knowledge up to date:

I read medical journals, study anatomy and physiology books and I am always taking colleges courses and seminars.

What can your clients expect from training with you:

My focus has always been to make workout a positive informative experience. Too many people have the mentality that working out is a punishment or just checkbox to their fitness goals. I find that the overall results, accountability and consistency improve if it feels like a reward.