Bill Kazmaier

Bill Kazmaier announced to LIVE Broadcast …destination 9th Annual Show of Strength

For anyone even loosely interested in Strongman events Bill Kazmaier needs no introduction. 3-time World’s Strongest Man, world champion powerlifting, world champion strongman, and professional wrestler Bill Kazamaier has largely been regarded as one of the strongest men to ever live. Following his years as an athlete Bill was well known for his work as a commentator for the ESPN Broadcast of the Annual World’s Strongest man competitions.

We are excited to announce that Bill will be making his way to …destination DALLAS, TEXAS to lead the LIVE Broadcast of the 9th Annual Show of Strength that will be shown on the Official GASP Facebook Page. As a legendary figure in the sport this will be a real treat for all the athlete’s that can secure a spot in the 40-person Strongman roster. “If you have grown up watching Strongman Competitions then you can imagine how exciting it will be for local competitors to have Bill Kazmaier commentating on their event performance” said Diego Diaz.

The Show of Strength happens every year at destination DALLAS TEXAS, and is something the entire gym looks forward to every year. This year’s event will be on July 22nd and will be both a full APF Powerlifting Meet and NAS Strongman event. The event is very beginner friendly and it’s not uncommon for nearly 50% of lifters to be first time competitors.


Competitor Sign Ups are available here (spaces are limited).

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