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Ever wonder when to use HIIT Cardio and when to use Steady State Cardio?

When you think about getting lean, the first thing that comes…

NPC Promoter Spotlight: Freddy Mac

What’s your background in Event Promotion? 10+ years…
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Bench Press Workout

3 Exercises to increase your Bench Press RIGHT NOW!

Strength Coach Josh Bryant is the youngest person in History to Bench Press 600 pounds raw. Take a look at his three exercises to increase your bench press.
Fitness Podcast

Friend of …destination, Ben Pakulski, Re-Launches Fitness Podcast

Long-time GASP ambassador and IFBB Professional Badass, Ben Pakulski is reigniting the number one fitness podcast of 2013/2014... and he's not holding back!

Destination Transformation Challenge Workout Series – HIIT

HIIT can be a great addition to your workout. A new study released this year suggests that HIIT may help to reverse the aging process.

Powerlifting Spotlight: Sean Breard

...destination sits down with May powerlifting spotlight member, Sean Breard.