PRIME Extreme row

PRIME Extreme Row

...destination is now home to Texas's largest selection of PRIME Fitness equipment.
Bench Press Workout

3 Exercises to increase your Bench Press RIGHT NOW!

Strength Coach Josh Bryant is the youngest person in History to Bench Press 600 pounds raw. Take a look at his three exercises to increase your bench press.
Fitness Podcast

Friend of …destination, Ben Pakulski, Re-Launches Fitness Podcast

Long-time GASP ambassador and IFBB Professional Badass, Ben Pakulski is reigniting the number one fitness podcast of 2013/2014... and he's not holding back!
darren greene chipper workout

Darren Greene Chipper Workout

Looking for a chipper workout? Try out this one from Darren Greene, CrossFit athlete and ...destination member.
1000 calorie destination bootcamp routine

1000 Calorie …destination Boot Camp Routine

Burning 1000 calories is an incredible feat. In this boot camp routine, you must be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone to attain stellar results.