…Destination Dallas Newsletter May 2019

When we first opened …destination dallas, we had one simple mission; to provide a facility where all could come and truly push themselves without reservations or fear of judgement. Our community has grown to be exactly that and I am honored to present some very exciting news and feature some of our amazing members and ambitious plans moving forward. Make sure to not miss all the amazing events we have coming up in May including free Mother’s Day gift for all mothers, new equipment, a growing boot camp, and a major announcement!


Happy Mother’s Day!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, all mothers and soon to be moms come by May 12th and try the gym out for free! As your family grows in strength and numbers, we want all to know we would like you to grow with us! Come on by next Sunday and give our facility a try. Also, make sure to check out our featured member for the month Kristin Walker! Kristin was our first transformation challenge winner and recently gave birth to her newborn baby! Make sure to read her interview below and how our …destination community has grown to be a part of their family as well!

Better Bodies Ambassador Meet Up

On Friday May 10th at 7 PM, our Better Bodies Ambassador team will all be here! Join us and hang out with fellow ambassadors from all around, meet the Better Bodies team, and of course get a workout in. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to share an idea with us, our design team will be there to hear what you want from the brand! The event will be held at …destination dallas in Plano, TX!

Access Muscle Documentary

World famous director Alex Ardenti, director of SUPPS The Movie, will be at our facility working on a documentary featuring our own amazing facility. Swing by and check out a master at work on May 11th and 12th!

Body Analytics

Make sure to reserve your spot for Body Analytics on May 18th at …destination dallas! Body Analytics provides mobile body fat testing. Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has become universally regarded by industry experts as the “Gold Standard” in body fat testing. The hydrostatic weighing and body fat testing process is completely simple and takes minutes so make sure to come by on May 18th and get your measurements!!!

Breakfast and Barbells

Come join us for another Breakfast and Barbells May 18th. As usual, we will have the doors open for all to try out the gym for free from 7 AM – 12 PM! Icon Meals will provide a free breakfast so come get some squats and finish it off with a delicious free meal with friends!

Member Highlight

Meet Kristin Walker! Kristin was our first Transformation Challenge winner! Resident IFBB Pro Bo Jones and Kristin met at our facility and are now the proud parents of their first child! Kristin had this to say about our …destination community and being a new mom;

“From weight loss transformation, to bikini competition, to my latest #mombod, destination has been home. Although I wouldn’t trade mommy-hood for the world, I now have a new set of challenges ahead than a weekly prep countdown. When we welcomed our son into the world, so did our gym. It’s not about being more than just a mom because that’s my favorite role I have in life. It’s about being the best mom, and taking care of myself is part of that. Having a gym that supports this new part of my life just as hard as my initial #destinationtransformation and NPC bikini competition means the world.”

Equipment Update

We have added yet another amazing piece of equipment to our arsenal and this one has been a hit with our members and clients! Our brand new Prime Double Sided Preacher Curls allows you to safely perform bicep curls from multiple angles and provides a docking station for dumbbells. This allows you to effectively use dumbbells without fear of losing form and minimizing injury risk. Features include:

  • Fully rotational 360 degree elbow pad
  • Elbow pad height adjustment
  • ‘Spotter arms’ with simple height adjustment (great for dumbbells)

…Destination Dallas Boot Camps

Our camps continue to grow in numbers and intensity. These camps are ran by our team of professional trainers with decades of experience. All camps are FREE to members! Yes…FREE! Make sure to take full advantage of your membership and come join our growing team!

The Future of the Gym…

An official announcement will be made shortly so for now, here’s yet another teaser; our Founder and C.E.O. Michael Johansson meets with builder to discuss final plans for phase 2’s layout!!! STAY TUNED as we will be making some MAJOR announcements that have been years in the making!

Better Bodies and GASP Ambassador Search!

The Better Bodies lifestyle isn’t about an end goal, it’s about the journey. If you love Better Bodies, live the lifestyle, and want to be a part of the family, regardless of where you are on your journey – we want you on our team! Click here to apply now.

Are you interested working with us as a GASP Athlete, Ambassador, Influencer or Affiliate? 
Let us know a little bit more about you and your ambitions! Click here to apply now!

Featured Products

Check out the women’s brand new Better Bodies Waverly Sports Bra and Gracie HotPants. For the men, we have our new awesome Fulton Sweat Pants and Hamilton Raglan Tee! Make sure to check out all these new items and many more on our Better Bodies and Gasp sites!


World Renowned Strength Coach and Powerfliter Josh Bryant, MS has recently released an 8 week Deadlift Program to help you excel your strength development to new levels. Click here to register for his e-book! Make sure to check out all the awesome training tutorials with Josh and Johnnie Jackson here. You won’t be disappointed.

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