Destination Transformation Challenge Workout Series – HIIT

By Yuri Diogenes
IG: ydiogenes
Twitter: @yuridiogenes
Book: www.readysetachievebook.com

The famous and controversial High Intensity Interval Training can be a great addition to your workout, not only are there many benefits for this type of training, but a new study released this year suggests that by incorporating this type of workout into your regular fitness routine, may help to reverse the aging process.

Starting at Destination Transformation Challenge 5, we introduced a series of HIIT workouts for all participants. We started in a very low level of intensity, basically using body weight and ensuring that the participant gets used to the level of intensity. The workouts will evolve, and will go to a more intermediate level. Aall these workouts are documented in the eBook that every participant receives once they are registered for the challenge.

The first video of this series has the following workout that I recorded with Daniel Sullivan (Classic Physique Champion, and Destination Trainer):


Now watch the video below to see how it works and also to learn more about HIIT:

We strongly recommend you to also read the following resources for my information about HIIT, its benefits, and precautions:


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