Henrik Lindh – Live Every Day

June 13, 2019

Swedish Henrik Lindh has been a GASP ambassador for several years and was a trainer here at …destination Dallas Texas.
He currently lives in Marbella, Spain, so when CEO Michael Johansson was in town, he met Henrik for a catch up and a workout.

How do you set goals for yourself?

I live by the saying “we live every day but only die once”. By that I mean that I set goals for myself and I complete them, instead of just dreaming.

How did you end up in Marbella?

I’ve been fortunate to live in the USA an train at the best gym in the world, …destination Dallas Texas. 
After returning from the U.S. I moved to Malta and currently I am living my deam life in Marbella. A life I, myself, have strived towards and created.

What are your hobbies besides training?

I’ve been competing since 2000, but the past few years have been the best in terms of placings both internationally and nationally. 
I live training 24/7 but I always make sure to both have some “Yin and Yang” by also doing other things like sport fishing and bodybuilding. 
Fishing is my biggest hobby, but bodybuilding is my lifestyle. However, both of these goes well hand in hand and I think that is why I’m still just as motivated to train and compete now as I was 10 years ago.

What has motivated you to get where you are?

I have always been an underdog with training and competing as I am very tall and I used to be very skinny. 
That is what has fueled me as it made me want to prove that nothing is impossible if you work really hard. Usually those who say it is impossible, are people who are unable to reach their goals, or who aren’t even trying.

What is your current training focus?

I’m currently in a “bulk” phase and I am working hard to improve lagging muscle groups. Something I can guarantee is that I will show the best version of myself late summer 2020. And do you know why? Because I have made up my mind to do so!

How does being a part of GASP affect you?

To have a strong clothing brand backing me up isn’t only nice because I get to wear nice clothes. What I wear also makes me feel good and I get a “hardcore” feeling which rubs over on my training.

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