How to train legs at …destination Dallas!

At …destination Dallas, we pride our facility, equipment, our environment, but most importantly we take immense pride in our endless pursuit to help others and better ourselves.

We’ve spent thousands of hours implementing research and perfecting our craft, and experimenting with proven techniques implementing the most optimal ways to include our equipment. Now, we have the secrets and techniques to take your training to the next level efficiently and with minimal injury risk! Gone are the days of simply going heavier every set with poor form, skewed tempos, and a lack of concentration. Today, I will lay out a leg routine specifically catered for …destination Dallas I promise will result in one of the most effective workouts you have ever had.

A leg workout at …destination Dallas is one you will not soon forget;

Warm up

  • 3 sets x 10 reps of the following three movements;
    • Seated Prime Leg Curls
    • Hanging Leg Raises
    • Box Jumps or Jump Squats
      • Each of these movements are selected in order to optimally stimulate this antagonist (i.e. opposing) muscles to the squat. Activating these are critical for stabilization and optimal strength as well as injury prevention.
  • Safety Bar Squats
    • 3 warm ups
    • 5 working sets x 5 reps
    • Tempo: 3/0/1/0
    • Rest period: 60 seconds
      • DO NOT RELY on belts and wraps if your overall goal is muscular development. Get away from all of that. Forget about the weight on the bar and just bury it. Hit parallel and don’t short change yourself. If you need a reference point to reassure yourself that you are indeed hitting depth every rep, try a box squat and make sure the height is appropriate for you.
      • Make sure you select a weight you are ALMOST fatiguing at 5 reps but can still get on your own.
      • Each rep should be done with a 5 second negative and about a 1-2 second contraction.
      • After your 5th set, strip the bands, rest a minute, and perform as many reps as possible!
  • Wide Stance Belt Squats
    • 4 working sets x 12 / 15 / 18 / 20 reps
    • Rest Period: 60 seconds
    •  Tempo: 4 /1/1/0
      • Built by one of our own destination powerlifters, our belt squat station is truly unlike anything you’ve used before. Make sure you have the settings appropriate for your height.
      • With a wide stance, perform 12 full range reps each with a 3 – 4 second negative.
      • Even though every set you are increasing your reps, use the same weight! How you may ask? Implement a rest / pause technique if you need to; perform as many reps as possible, rest 5 – 10 seconds at the top, and continue the set. Repeat this method until you hit all the prescribed reps for each set.
      • SQUEEZE your glutes as you ascend and do NOT rest at the top. In order to help maximize the tension, don’t ‘lock’ your knees at the top. Keep your legs bent and make those quads WORK for those 12 reps.
  • Angled Leg Press (Reverse Band or ‘assisted’) superset Seated Prime Leg Extensions
    • 4 working sets x 12 reps Leg Press / 25 reps Leg Extensions
    • Rest Period: 15 seconds between movements, 60 seconds between sets
    • Tempo: 3/1/2/1
      • ***every 3rd rep on the leg press, perform a 10 second negative***
      • 25 reps on the seated prime leg Extensions may leave you in a muscular daze. You will notice our Prime Leg Extension machine has 3 pegs so make sure to follow the next steps carefully:
        • On your first set, have ALL the weight loaded on the bottom peg. You’ll feel the peak demand of your quads at the very top of the motion, or when the muscle is the shortest. For your second set, put half the load on the bottom peg and half on the middle. Set 3 is half the load middle peg and half load on top peg now! Your final set is a doozy; load the entire amount of weight on the top peg AND PERFORM AN ALL OUT DROP SET; this will transition the ‘peak demand’ of your quads now at the very beginning of the motion. <—- this muscular damage sorcery engineered by our friends over at Prime Fitness can literally change your overall development forever. Don’t believe me? Just give it one try exactly like I have outlined and let me know how your feel a few days later!!
  • Prime Lying Leg Curls
    • 1 Mechanical Advantage Set
    • Tempo: 2/0/1/0
      • A mechanical advantage set is nearly identical to what you just did on the leg extensions except this one single working set will obliterate your hamstrings in about 5 minutes.
      • ***For sets of 8 reps, load as many 10 lb plates as you can on the bottom peg. If it’s 3, 4, 5… doesn’t matter. Just load whatever you’re able to rather easily do for 8 reps with all the weight on the bottom peg! NOW HERE’S THE KICKER and you’ll need assistance for this; have someone move just ONE 10 lb plate to the middle peg. Perform 8 reps. Repeat again and again and again moving one plate from the bottom to the middle every 8 reps until all the plates that were on the bottom peg are now all on the middle peg. NOW, after performing 8 reps with only the middle peg loaded, your partner will begin to move one 10 lb plate at a time to the highest peg! Still hitting 8 reps each set, your form should start to suffer and your facial expressions should start to become more…eccentric. If not, then you probably didn’t go heavy enough or put enough intensity into it. Keep repeating this process until all 10 lb plates are on top peg! Here’s the fatality to finish all hamstrings. Once you complete this, you are going to get as many freaking reps as possible with the top peg fully loaded until you’re only doing partial reps. Your buddy is going to strip just one plate off, and you try again. Hit failure, another plate comes off, go again. Keep doing this until you cannot curl with a damn.
        • BE CAREFUL standing up after this. Many times I have had clients knees buckle under them after this.

This is just one routine of many to come in 2019 and I cannot wait to share more ideas, tips, and methods you can implement into your training at …destination and across the world. Please feel free to reach me at [email protected] or on Instagram @kyle_cavnar !!!

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