June News 2019

It’s time for our monthly update here at…destination Dallas, and June will be one of the most exciting months to date so you do NOT want to miss out! We get you up to date with all the upcoming events and future gym plans but, this month, we are also adding a plethora of new equipment we cannot wait for you to try! Make sure to also check out our Student Summer Membership Special, upcoming events, and a word from our CEO Michael Johansson regarding Phase 2 of …destination!

Upcoming Events
There’s always something going on at …destination!
Check out some of the upcoming events and we hope to see you at one soon!

Student Summer Special
Through August 23 Students that are home for the summer receive an EXCLUSIVE rate of only $65 for 3 months, with no enrollment fee! To participate in this special rate please bring in a valid form of student identification.

Veterans of Foreign Wars at …destination

We would like to honor the memories of those who have served, by serving our local veteran community. We will be holding …destination Dallas will have an Open (free) gym to those that have served, and your immediate family – come in, enjoy the comradery and get in a lift. For those that are not currently members here at the gym, we will be offering a special rate- $0 for your first month, no enrollment fee, and half off standard membership rate! …destination is a place for vets to feel at home, and welcomed, we’re all here for a common goal- to become the best possible version of oneself.

Better Bodies Meet Up in Stockholm

The Better Bodies team will have a summer meet up in Stockholm June 15th at Gymmet! If you happen to be in the area, come say hi and hang out with all our fantastic staff and athletes!

NPC Texas Workshop

Hosted by Texas Chairman Ed and Betty Pariso, we will host the NPC Texas Workshop free of charge for all current and aspiring competitors. Power couple Branch and Trish Warren will be in the house to take all your questions about competing, posing, and all topics related to bringing your best to the stage! 

Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamps are free for all our members, you won’t regret trying it
Monday 6:30 PM
Wednesday 5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 PM
Friday 5:30 PM
Saturday at 10:00 AM

Breakfast & Barbells Open House

Start you morning with us our monthly Breakfast & Barbells.
Open Gym
June 15, 7am-noon
7am FREE Bootcamp with kinesiologist & trainer, Kyle Cavnar
9am FREE Breakfast prepared by Icon Meals
9ish FREE Thump’s Truck Pulling School
7am – noon Reserve your Body Analytics session online, for a special rate during Breakfast & Barbells

Sign up online before 6/15 using code DestDallasSummer, and receive your testing for only $45!
[email protected]

Trinity Fight Club at …destination Dallas

Members and staff have been training with Coach Carlos and the results are showing. Carlos is USA Boxing Certified Trainer with more than 10 years of boxing experience. Carlos uses his testimony of being an ex gang member and drug addict to help shape his community through physical training and self defense. Beginner to advance, he can help you reach your goals!

Bully Proof Boxing (Ages 5-7) with Coach Justin
Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm
Saturdays 12pm

Beginner Youth Boxing
Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm
Saturdays 12pm

Teen Boxing
Tuesday and Thursday 7:15pm
Saturdays 11:15am

Adult Boxing
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm
Saturdays 11:15am

Follow Trinity Fight Club @trinityfightclub

…destination Dallas Phase 2 discussion!

Our entire team gathered this week to discuss the very…VERY exciting moves we will be making in the very near future. Below is a recap from our own CEO and Founder Michael Johansson; 

“The team behind SF Group, (Gasp/Better Bodies And . .destination Dallas TX) in both irl and on skype meeting this afternoon about the latest around the upcoming move to a phase 2 of …destination Dallas TX

My personal reflection is that It took longer than anticipated to get to this point for me and my team. But at the same time very few people know that my irony behind choosing the name “destination” is that the philosophy behind the project being the fact that the “journey” itself is always the main goal.. So to me its not the “destination” that is the main goal even if thats often how we feel about life.. its the long term journey. 

In other words we are not late to anything as long as we choose to be onboard to enjoy the rollercoaster journey that gives us the time of our life, in both hardship and victories.”

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Equipment Upgrade

In additon to the new equipment already in house, we are anticipating the arrival of even more! Keep an eye on Instagram for updates!

This Months GASP & Better Bodies Best

…destination is headquarters to both GASP and Better Bodies, here are some of this month’s favorites
Essential T-Back
Sugar Hill Tights
Vintage T-Back

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