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Kyle Cavnar releases free “Lock and Load” Six Day Training Program

Kyle keeps a very tight schedule of clients at …destination DALLAS as one of our most sought after Personal Trainers and Transformation Coaches. Recently Kyle started to publish some of his most successful programs and provide …destination with some great downloadable training programs for our friends, fans and Transformation Challenge participants around the world to have some fun with! The first free downloadable training program available is Kyle’s “Lock and Load” program. A 6-day per week training protocol created to help build muscle mass.

In “Lock and Load” the training split is as follows:

Day 1: Chest and Biceps

Day 2: Legs, Core and Calves

Day 3: Back and Shoulders

Day 4: Arms, Core and Calves

Day 5: Chest, Back and Traps

Day 6: Squat or Deadlifts and two accessory movements


A 6 day per week training program is certainly and advanced and should not be attempted by someone with less than 1 year of weight training experience (at a minimum).

Visit Kyle Cavnar’s Personal Trainer Profile for the program and more information on Kyle.

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