Member Spotlight – Chris Prosser

Chris Prosser posing in the mirror at …destination Dallas Texas

I have a story unlike most on how I got into working out and bodybuilding. When I was 13 years old I was a huge wrestling fan. In fact so huge of a fan that I began attending a pro wrestling school and eventually started traveling around doing live shows for local TV & YouTube videos.

Started out I was really skinny, so I started working out with weights to work on my physique. In college I was introduced to bodybuilding style training after becoming a certified trainer.

When my first bikini client took 2nd overall in her first show I eventually fell in love with coaching for the bodybuilding sport and now I’m a online coach. Now I work with both physique athletes and the general population. I help my clients to improve both their body composition and overall quality of life.

Started training at …destination mid-2018 and I can’t put into words how much value this gym has added to my journey as a lifter and a coach. I highly recommend this gym to anyone in the area!

Photo from 2013: Pro wrestling for Texas Stampede in Dallas, Texas
My fiance Alyssa and I, we get married Saturday July 13, 2019
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