Member Spotlight – Jenna Cantu

Jenna is a staple in the gym. There’s not one day she misses a workout, and if she is out of town she will find the best gym in the area and get it in! Jenna has been a member here at destination since 2016. It’s a privilege for us to follow her journey to a better, fitter and stronger life!

What form of fitness do you practice?


How do you include fitness in your lifestyle?

Fitness is my lifestyle.. It’s my stress reliever, it’s my therapy, it’s my medication. It’s a priority on my list. We live in a world where people run to the doctors or pharmacy to find medications to find help in a pill or quick fixes for mental and emotional health and I’ve learned to find that fix in the iron.

What motivates/inspires you in life and your fitness?

Life itself and the iron.

I didn’t come from an easy upbringing. I’ve fought and overcome a lot of battles so being the gym and lifting motivates me. It humbles me, either I can move it or I can’t and then I need to get stronger and take the steps to get there.

Just like life. Its not easy but you have a choice you either give up or you get up and keep going and working hard for what you want. You overcome your obstacles with strength and you just keep getting stronger and grow. In the gym I have had ups and downs, I have been strong, I have been overweight, and I’ve been where I thought I wanted to be in weight and have been overweight again. Life happens but I keep fighting for what I want and don’t give up or I don’t worry about what people thinks. I do this for myself. I got to motivate myself to be better for my health and my future.

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