Member Spotlight – Monica Steiner

Monica Steiner as been a member at …destination Dallas Texas sense 2015. She is a true mentor to all our members and competitor here. Every time she goes thru the doors you see that smile, never a negative

What form of fitness do you practice?

Weightlifting for competition figure, women’s physique and sports model divisions; I love swimming, hiking, backpacking and dancing.

How do you include fitness in your lifestyle?

I currently live in Allen, Texas with my 4 wonderful children and my amazing husband of 32 years, Greg. As a sickly child, I was raised eating healthy and extremely active in a variety of sports yet I never started regular weight training until my mid 40’s. I believe we go through so many different life stages as individuals and then as part of our immediate and extended families. The secret to getting it right is balancing family/career and hobbies/passions. And to make each one of those work you must know when and how to ADAPT not GIVE IN or GIVE UP based on stage in life, knowledge, responsibilities toward others, age, physical challenges and desire. I’d like to think I’m still a work in progress with all of this. Oh yes – most important of all is to KEEP IT FUN!

What motivates/inspires you in life and your fitness?

For me, it’s not motivation but being self-disciplined that keeps me focus and driven. What helps get this self-discipline is having structure and a routine. Without it, you might find yourself making excuses on why you should skip a day from the gym. The gym is my release. When I step into the gym and hear the weights slam, I know it was the right decision. I get the pump needed for my workday. When we live in a world that constantly pulls us back, we must push harder. Grow your biceps, your relationships, and money.

When I was 2, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, extreme allergies, chronic bronchitis and many skin issues. My mother refused the traditional prescription medication route. Instead, I was raised early on eating strict and healthy and became extremely active in a variety of arts and sports. During my teenage years the celiac just disappeared.
At 14 I broke my elbow and severed one of the adjacent nerves while tap dancing on stage; the doctor’s said I would never be able to bend my arm to touch my shoulder or get feeling back in three of my left hand fingers; I did on both counts . When I was barely 20, in college and only three months into Martial Arts training, I severed the anterior cruciate ligaments in both my knees. I was told I’d never do Martial Arts or any other strenuous type sport again. Yet now, at 54, I am fitter than ever, continuously pushing my own limits as an accomplished black belt, 3 x World Champion INBA/PNBA Bodybuilder and an executive fire-walking instructor.

I believe in living life to the fullest, being fit for my purpose and always moving forward. I hope to inspire young and old to live long and prosper by being fit for their purpose whatever that may be.
I created Lifestyle Solutions, a complete wellness program focusing on nutrition, exercise and positive mindset. As a founding member of Aging Evolution I love encouraging all Masters athletes around the globe. My passion is living, eating, and breathing health and fitness as our greatest wealth. I have always welcomed challenges and adversity in my life and seen them as a way to inspire others to push through and overcome.

Follow Monica Steiner on Instagram: @fitforpurposemonica

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