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Mobility and Endurance For Sport Bike Riding

By Patrick Brennan, Mobility and Corrective Exercise Specialist

To be fast around the racetrack on a road bike takes more than a brave soul and an ability to turn the throttle. Top riders in the world usually have bodies that have an equally impressive performance profile compared to their multimillion dollar machines. We got ahold of Corrective Exercise and Mobility Specialist, Patrick Brennan, who also does some road racing himself, to find out what his top 5 exercises for Motorcycle Mobility and Endurance that can be done at gym or at home. These 5 exercises will transfer over into your riding to give you lower lap times, better bike endurance, and better bike safety.

  1. ISO Holds

Patrick demonstrates an iso hold that can be done at the gym or at home in a door frame. He recommends 3 set of 10-15 second holds, alternating from one leg to another. This will exercise your core, back and legs, and will get you used to standing in a turning body position for longer than you would generally encounter on a track.

  1. Swiss Ball Roll-Outs

This exercise is included because of the work it does for your core. A strong core will help alleviate pressure from you lower back while you ride.  Patrick recommends doing 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps for each set.

  1. Swiss Ball Squeeze Squat

This exercise will strengthen your adductors, the muscles in your inner thigh that help you grip on to the tank).  This will build your endurance for gripping the gas tank with your legs, at the same time as it will build endurance in your thighs. Patrick recommends 5 sets of 30 seconds holds.

  1. Kettle Bell Side Lunge

To imitate holding your bodyweight on the inside of turns, and transferring weight from one leg to another this exercise has a lot of carryover into sport bike riding. Holding a kettlebell as Patrick demonstrates will also put some strain on your biceps and forearms, which is bonus endurance work that should help out on the track. Patrick recommends 2-3 sets of 5-10 reps per leg.

  1. “Windshield Wipers”

Core strength = Body Control! Body Control is so important for maintaining proper body position for the entirety of a race or riding session. This exercise will also help you develop better range of motion which is one of the main limiting factors riders have when it comes to proper riding position.  Patrick Recommends 3 sets of 5 -10 reps, you will probably have to work your way up to 10 reps!

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