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In the News: Demystifying Weightlifting for Women

CBS 19 in Tyler recently ran a story on the stigmas surrounding female weightlifting. The most common misconception about women who lift weights is that they will become “bulky” and muscular to a point that’s considered conventionally unattractive. Besides the ridiculous notion that muscle is unattractive, these kinds of claims are simply untrue, as research can point out.

The segment included insight from Brittany Dawn, a friend of …destination, as well as Layne Norton, a fitness and nutrition expert who has hosted seminars at …destination in the past. Brittany’s interview was filmed here at the gym.

When Brittany began weight training in her late teens it helped her to shed weight and achieve the lean figure that she maintains today. Layne’s research showed that groups of women who performed high reps with low weight put on the same amount of muscle as women who performed low reps with maximum weight. Bulk is a result of diet and genetics combined with exercise, not a result of exercise alone. Smart planning and dieting allows women to reach levels of strength they didn’t think were possible while maintaining a cut, lean figure.

For more information, check out the segment here.

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