Daniel Sullivan

Trainer Daniel Sull

Contest Prep, Posing

National Level Men’s Physique Competitor, MMA Fighting at a high level



Mobile, Alabama

How would you describe your training:
I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), I was a professional mixed martial artist for 6 years and made the transition into bodybuilding. I specialize in functional programming, bodybuilding, weight loss and metabolic conditioning.

What do you do to keep training knowledge up to date?
How I keep my training up to date is Continuous professional development and trying new trends, reading good quality fitness articles and revising previous courses.

What can clients expect from your training:
My role is to help improve my clients’ quality of life by being a teacher, mentor, motivator and a great communicator. Each client is different, and I listen as to what my client’s goals are and how I can help them achieve those goals.
I stress the benefits of exercise and how strength, flexibility, functional training and proper nutrition can lead to a better appearance and positive outlook. My goal is to teach safe and effective exercises through great technique and superior form in a fun and enjoyable manner

Fun Fact

“I’m featured in a viral MMA video where both myself and the other fighter end up hitting each other in the nether regions at the same time!”