David Tatro

1-on-1 Individualized training, Small Group Training, Online Coaching and Nutritional Guidance, Athletic Performance Training, Functional Movement Training, Specialized Career Training (Armed Forces Basic Training, Fire Department physical testing,
and Police Department physical testing) 


David Tatro is a result driven fitness professional and competitor exceeding 10 years in the fitness industry. After graduating from Basic Military Training for the United States Air Force, David pursued a 2-year trade school at Heritage College acquiring over 1500 personal training hours upon graduating along with focused education on training special populations, geriatrics, athletes, and weight loss clientele. After acquiring his Certification through ACE, he embarked on his personal training career with Golds Gym. While with Golds Gym, David excelled to lead trainer within his first year with a combined hunger for more certifications and more client results. David than stepped into management within Golds Gym in efforts to improve client results and personal trainer skills. David has also stood out in the Air Force by educating hundreds of soldiers on ways to improve their physical health and also ensuring they meet USAF fit to fight expectations. David has acquired certifications in TRX, competitor coaching, trigger point/myofascial release, and sport nutrition.  He has had the opportunity to train young athletes, wedding parties, and even some TV celebrities. 


Competitive History: 


My competitive journey started in my junior year of high school back in my small town of Campbellsville, Kentucky. I faced much adversity growing up, being a smaller than usual Filipino child who skipped a grade and moved around frequently due to being apart of a military family. I was always picked on for my frail size and younger age, and this made it quite difficult to play sports. I spent my eighth, ninth, and tenth grade years trying to lift weights to catch up with the kids my age and attempted to try out for basketball as well as football. Due to my small size, height and poor coordination, I was never good enough to make the team. Thankfully, I realized my happiness and content from working out, and therefore started to focus my efforts into that. One day I was tired of being mediocre and decided to try out for the track team, as I remember that during my years of tryouts, I was always better than average at running. Once I hit the track, I realized that this was my calling. I spent the next two years running many events and stood out at one specifically, which was the 400-meter dash. After two years of daily training and working out, I was offered to run on a track scholarship my freshman year. I had gained 30lbs of weight and was finally confident. 


Once I made it into college, I realized that I had a different calling. I realized I wanted to help people find and build their own confidence. But first, I needed to conquer my own fears to present a bold image of courage to others. That’s when I decided to join the United States Air Force. From there on, I have used the military to help mold myself to a role model focused on one thing and that is to improve the lives of others through fitness. Since entering the fitness industry, I have competed in quite a few NPC shows doing 2 bodybuilding shows in the middleweight division, and on to 4 shows in Men’s Physique class B Division. After competing at Miami Nationals in 2015, I realized it was time to spend a little more time perfecting my craft and myself in the process. I have since had the opportunity to coach and motivate a handful of individuals to compete themselves. In due time, I will be returning to the stage in hopes to acquire my IFBB pro status. 


Training Philosophy: 

We all know that no two individuals are the same. This becomes quite apparent when we discuss our individual goals and the path it will take to get there. Since every client has different starting points, family history, contraindications, health markers, schedules, motivation, and goals, I strive to stay open minded while constantly increasing my own education. My philosophy is quite simple, and that is to pursue every goal with intent. I will not pretend to know everything but will always seek out answers to any question or hurdles that my hinder our results. I will do everything in my power to make sure progress is consistent, and that we are improving one percent every day! 


1-on-1 Individualized training, Small Group Training, Online Coaching and Nutritional Guidance, Athletic Performance Training, Functional Movement Training, Specialized Career Training (Armed Forces Basic Training, Fire Department physical testing, and Police Department physical testing)