Diego Diaz

Trainer Diego Diaz

Strength and conditioning, General Weight Loss

NPC Bodybuilding Competitor, NAS Strongman Competitor, Competitive Powerlifting



El Paso, Texas

How would you describe your training:
My specialties revolve around strength, conditioning, and general weight loss. My style is very technically driven. A major focus of mine is on proper technique and efficiency in programming and the execution of the exercises prescribed.

What do you do to keep training knowledge up to date?
Being a competitive athlete in multiple performance and aesthetic based sports it is imperative that I stay up to date on the latest updates on training styles, techniques and regimens. I also do and have gained most of my training knowledge through trial and error in my own and my clienteles training protocols.

What can clients expect from your training?
Clients can expect intelligently structured, personalized, and motivating workout sessions with me! I deliver informative and descriptive explanations for anything they may be unfamiliar with in the realm of diet and exercise. No question is too small! My goal for every one of my clients is to realize the immeasurable amount of potential we all carry within ourselves.

Fun Fact

“I’ve pulled a Semi-Truck on multiple occasions”