Greg Mead

Sport specific, weight loss, injury rehab, or competition

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Greg Mead is an experienced fitness professional, a former Firefighter and EMT, a competing bodybuilder, power lifter, and world strongman.
He began his career in Los Angeles working as the director of fitness for LA Fitness and functioned as a faculty instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Most recently he was the wellness coordinator for a local hospital and surgical center in the Colony TX.

Competitive History

I began bodybuilding at the age of 13. I was an overweight child with no direction and I found an old bodybuilding magazine in the drawer of my mom’s gym, and begin a journey to become a professional bodybuilder. As a member of United States Military, I was stationed overseas in Germany, I began to work out daily and compete in bodybuilding. From there I moved to Los Angeles and received a contract from Joe Weider to compete and represent bodybuilding. I was so excited as I stood in their offices seeing my dreams come true. After a few years I found what would be my place in fitness, power lifting and world strongman competitions. My mother being a professional bodybuilder and power lifter, and still holding a world record in the deadlift today, inspired me and helped drive me and always encourage me to achieve my goals. I then used this platform and became a sought after motivational speaker traveling around the entire world competing and holding assemblies in schools, prisons, universities and inner cities, challenging our younger generation to achieve their goals in life and to live a life of excellence – which I still do to this day. I currently hold a world record in the “concrete head break break”, breaking 20 concrete blocks with my head in a Martial Arts demonstration.
My priority in life is to help people set a goal that they can achieve and then to help them achieve it in every area of their life.

Training philosophy

No matter who you are or what your condition is; whether you are injured, whether you want to look better, achieve better health, or compete in Athletics – anyone can improve and become a better version of themselves. I will create an exercise and nutritionplan for you to help you set a goal that you can achieve, and help you achieve it. You can achieve anything that you want in this life if you believe in yourself, put in the work, and have the right guidance. I will guide you on the path to your fitness goals and you will achieve them!


Personal training for all populations. Sport specific, weight loss, injury rehab, or competition – I will create a program that will work for you.