Joe Fantauzzi

Joe Fantaico

Contest Prep, Transformation, Powerlifting

ISSA, ASAF Certifications, 1st Place Bodybuilding Independence day Classic 2015, 1st Place 2013 Show of Strength Submaster 242

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Hometown: Dallas, TX
Competitive history:

2001 Red river, 2002 NPC Europa Dallas, 2003 NPC Lee Priest Classic, 2011NPC Europa Dallas, 2014 NPC Phil Heath Classic, 2014 NPC Europa Dallas

How would you describe your training style?

Tailored. Every single person is unique and has to train accordingly. Before starting with any client I perform an in-depth interview that include current diet, workout, supplementation and scheduling. I train my clients to be their personal best inside out and we push each workout to make consistent progress at their overall goals!

What so you do to keep training knowledge up to date?

in any field of study you look at, the information is always changing and evolving. Daily I read various source for new training an nutrition. Nowadays, social media is a great source for new training ideas. If you do something most people don’t do, you will have something most people don’t have. i like to attain new certifications in different areas of specialized personal training. Currently I am working in training during pregnancy, golf, senior citizen and youth training.

What can your clients expect from training with you?

Trust, truth and results are what i focus on with my clients. The fitness industry is filled with many different ideas ans theories, and every client is diffrent so I try to match training styles with personalities and body types. We will work together to find the diet and training program that works best. Let’s make a better YOU!

Fun Fact

“One day, when my scheduled workout partner couldn’t make it, I came in late to destination Dallas from a school event, wearing my Polo shirt, designer jeans, and wingtips. I met this blond figure competitor (whose scheduled workout partner had also bailed on her) at the store, then called Ultimate Nutrition. At the suggestion of the store staff, we worked out together. So, I changed from my wingtips into red wrestling shoes, and – with this blonde figure competitor – proceeded to workout in my jeans and Polo shirt. Since that day in late 2014, we have been together as partners and will be married in Puerto Rico in October of 2016. We have competed in two shows together and will also be competing in powerlifting this year.”