Gerard Gautreaux


Coach G, PT

I am a certified Personal Trainer. I’ve been fascinated with the study of fitness since I was 16 years old. I’ve managed FX TX Gyms, Family Fitness Gyms, 24 Hour Fitness Gyms in Texas, and Foxy’s Health & Racquet Clubs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


I’ve developed my own program called Essential Movements--- varied functional movements developed and refined through years of scientific research, for the purpose of Fitness and Wellness for the non-typical client.

Training Philosophy

My Programming specializes in Adaptive Physical Fitness (My Adaptive definition is any injury, diagnosed condition, impairment, or mental/ physical obstacle to exercise). Utilizing a ‘functional training’ and ‘functional exercise’ method that has its roots in a client-centric element and is oriented on meeting the needs and wants of every individual client. This means that ‘functional’ will change from client to client. After all, the success (or failure) of any business depends largely on how well you meet and exceed the needs and wants of your clients. Meeting the needs and wants of my clients is a personal mantra.

General Programming

• Focusing more on bodyweight exercises, smaller durations of cardio, and flexibility/mobility. Then, work your way into weighted exercises or longer durations of cardio.

• Flexibility is the ability of the muscles to stretch, while mobility incorporates everything that affects the joints’ mechanics and range of motion. Stretching and mobility exercises contribute to the longevity of training. If you can’t properly get into a position or hold the correct form without any weight, you sure can’t do it with weight. If you have some form of tightness causing you to compensate, this will lead to improper mechanics and eventually injury. A proper warm-up and intelligently incorporated flexibility and mobility work are necessary for any fitness plan.

• Just as you don’t want to start working out too hard, you don’t want to eat in a way that’s not possible to maintain. Once you have transitioned out the unhealthy foods, you can then start changing the amount, whether that be increasing or decreasing calories.

• Incorporate proper warm-ups, flexibility, and mobility work to ensure a long and healthy fitness journey. Make small changes over a period of time in your diet to create a sustainable eating habit. Learn to enjoy the fitness process…


I never doubt what I can accomplish--- Contact Coach G, PT @ 469 742 1072 if you need help working through something.