Patrick Brennan


Patrick has been in the strength and conditioning industry for over 20 years. In the last 5-10 years, he has moved more into the rehab and corrective space. Patrick has been working with professional athletes (NFL, MLB, NHL) for most of his career and these clients demand the ultimate focus on every detail. They have taught him so much over the years and that experience has provided him the tools to help all types of people.

Patrick's philosophy when creating a treatment plan is, to begin with, a movement assessment. After evaluating how his client moves, he will be able to create a specialized treatment protocol to correct and/or improve movement quality and joint stability. In many cases correcting movement quality and range of motion will alleviate a client's pain. he is open to using any and all of his treatment modalities to create a treatment plan to help his clients reach their goal of a pain-free life.. In addition, he provides corrective exercise and strength training. Patrick's clientele varies from children to professional athletes.