PRIME Extreme row

PRIME Extreme Row

As many of you know, we recently upgraded the gym with a new selection of PRIME SmartStrength equipment. These pieces are powerful, unique, and will help you achieve the best possible workout. We asked Kyle to put the PRIME Extreme Row through its paces. Here are a few questions we had.

“Why are there three loading bars on this machine?”

In short, a user can now train a muscle in the shortened position (end of the motion), medial position (middle of the motion) or lengthened position (beginning of the motion). This isn’t possible on more conventional equipment. To understand how this contributes to strength development, muscular development and overall injury prevention, we must first talk about something called the strength curve.

Our bodies all have a natural strength curve, meaning we are naturally stronger at certain points in an exercise motion (typically lifters are weakest in the shortened position of the exercise). This highlights the key limitation of traditional strength equipment; a single resistance load throughout the entire exercise motion.

Below, you can see three different strength curves labeled accordingly with their ‘setting’ which corresponds with a peg on the machine (refer to the photo of the machine above and you will see, in descending order, 3, 1, 2). Each is unique, allowing the lifter to use the same amount of weight but completely change which part of the muscle they target with variable resistance peaks.

Without the ability to manipulate the resistance of an exercise, a user can only challenge one part of the muscle. In other words, most the muscle is not being trained at the maximum output potential. This means all lifters have a massive amount of potentially untapped muscular development and strength. Variable Resistance Training (VRT) allows us to manipulate this strength curve.

Traditionally, resistance bands and chains have been the main tools for changing the peak recruitment of the working muscles in a movement. However, PRIME’s SmartStrength allows for a more precise, more direct, and a much safer form of VRT. This alone is so important to understand; most people have never fully trained a full muscle in their lives.

Now that …destination has the PRIME Plate Loading Extreme Row and other PRIME equipment, our members can achieve a safer, more effective, and more efficient training session every single time.

“That all sounds great. Now, how the heck do I use it?”

Looking for a unique hypertrophy set for your back? Here’s a great way to absolutely blast your lats and work the entire muscle in a way you might not have experienced before:

For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to use four 25 lb plates for this example:

  • Perform 10 reps with with four 25 lb plates on Peg 2 (the bottom one).
  • Have your lifting partners more ONE 25 lb plate from Peg 2 to Peg 1 (the middle).
  • Perform another 10 reps.
  • More another 25 lb plate from Peg 2 to Peg 1 and perform another 10 reps. You should now have two plates on peg 2 and 2 plates on peg 1.
  • Keep repeating this process until all 25 lb plates have been moved to Peg 1.
  • Now with all plates loaded on Peg 1, perform another 10 reps.
  • Move one 25 lb plate again but this time to Peg 3! See a pattern here?
  • Keep shooting for 10 reps*** and keep moving one plate at a time from Peg 1 to Peg 3 until Peg 3 is fully loaded with all four 25 lb plates.

***NOTE: You will likely not be getting full range reps at this point and that is okay. Just get what you can but DO NOT sacrifice form. Full range, half range, quarter range is okay…just don’t start relying on momentum or poor form.

  • Finally, perform as many reps as you can with Peg 3 fully loaded and have your partners strip one 25 lb plate each time you work to failure. Continue this process until you are down to just one plate!

IF YOU PERFORM THIS EXACTLY AS WRITTEN, you will have effectively targeted your lats in the shortened, medial, and lengthened position.

Follow …destination and PRIME Fitness USA on YouTube for more information and videos on our new equipment. We currently have 15 new pieces from Prime so make sure to come by soon and see what all the buzz is about!

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