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PRIME Fitness Lateral Raise

The PRIME Fitness Lateral Raise has been a game-changer in my training. Shoulder day has always been one of my favorite days in the gym. I’ll seek out variety in angles and range of motion to effectively work the entire shoulder. I have long arms, so traditional dumbbell lateral raises often cause stress to my elbows, especially when increasing weight. Therefore, I was particularly interested in incorporating the PRIME Fitness Lateral Raise into my workouts to see if it could be the solution to this challenge.

The ability to adjust the peak resistance through the range of motion is key. The SmartCam settings on this machine allow users to work the muscle in the shortened position (2), medial position (1) and lengthened position (3). This allows for the ability to recruit more muscle fibers, which ultimately improves strength and muscle development. To start, adjust the SmartCam where you are naturally weakest: the end of the motion (2). Move to the medial position (1) and finish where you’re naturally stronger: the beginning of the motion (3). Depending on the weight I’m using, I do 8-10 reps in each setting. Use setting 1 if you’re working these into a circuit or just want to hit medial delts in a traditional manner. Additionally, I prefer to lean forward into the pad and slide my hips back slightly.

I have been able to increase strength in my medial delts without stressing my elbows. When returning to dumbbell lateral raises, my strength increase has been noticeable with correct muscle recruitment and reduced trap engagement. A win-win for anyone wanting to develop round shoulders and less trap use!

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