NPC Promoter Spotlight: Freddy Mac

  1. What’s your background in Event Promotion?

10+ years of promoting events which hosted major main stream artists like Jay Sean, Lil John, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, DJ Pauly D,  NFL and NBA Players during the Superbowl, NBA all star weekend. I have hosted and ran operations for shows at the AAC, Verizon Theatre here in Dallas and have ran tours across the country.

  1. How has your previous work enhanced your work as an NPC Promoter?

The rules and guidelines never change, regardless of what industry you are in. Goal is to keep everyone happy, starting off with your customers, which may vary from vendors, to attendees, celebrity guests etc. I have used the same model of pre-planning with my core promotional team, marketing team and operations staff, which has made working in the NPC very smooth and effective

  1. Tell us about your upcoming show? What makes it stand out in a busy NPC Texas agenda?

The Battle of Texas, which I co-promote with Sheilahe Brown, is one that I want people to talk about. I do not look at it as a ‘show’ but

An Experience, one of kind & the best one for the competitors:

  • Comfortable and smooth for the competitors in an stress free environment
  • Give away goodie bags for all competitors
  •  Custom prizes for winner and overall winners
  • A Pathway for vendors to connect and showcase their business and products
  • Provide vendors face to face interaction with the audience
  • Provide vendors maximum exposure with ongoing exposure of their logo during the show and on banners and flyers
  • Provide sponsors an opportunity to provide winner and overall trophies
  • An Entertainment platform for the audience with good sound, production, lighting and surprise acts, guest posers etc
  • The production will be a surprise for 2017 !!! – Got something new and exciting for the show

Most importantly an NPC event that outdoes the others.

  1. You’re also an IFBB Pro, as a competitor which promoter’s show do you enjoy attending the most?

As a pro, I love attending any of the EUROPAs, the Olympia and the Arnold

The NPC shows I love attending are

  • Mine – Battle of Texas ☺
  • City Limits Championships
  • Branch Warren Classic
  • Kucklo Classic
  • Adela Garcia
  • Ronnie Coleman Classic
  • JOJ Classic
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