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Our Story

…destination opened its doors in August 2013. The gym itself is new, but the roots of our identity go back more than 30 years. Global fitness brands GASP and Better Bodies originated in 1982 with the goal of providing comfortable, effective, and great-looking gear to hard-training customers around the world. In 2012, an established Dallas gym joined forces with the brands. Together, they set out to build the ultimate destination for the core of the iron sport.

That outlook led to the creation of …destination as we know it today. Our goal is simple: to inspire anyone who enters this space to become the best possible version of them self. We maintain a busy event schedule and a floor stocked with an incredible selection of equipment.

The …destination experience is about hard work. We sweat. We use chalk. We challenge every one of our members to strive for excellence, whether that takes the form of competition or simple self-improvement. Want to get on board?

We are super excited to invite you to the brand new and upgraded …destination phase 2.

This is a …destination Dallas Texas, like you have never seen before. With all of our heart, ambition and passion we do this for the iron community of the world. Just like with …destination Dallas Texas the last 6 years, we welcome the iron community of the world to be a part of the journey. We do this for YOU!