Start Your Transformation Today with HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio has become increasingly popular method for burning up body fat, and for good reason! Not only can you get a tremendous amount of work in a short amount of time, the calorie burning effects of HIIT cardio can continue for hours after your session ends. A great tool for anyone undergoing a fitness transformation and why we have prescribed everyone enrolled in our Transformation Challenge with at least one HIIT Cardio session per week. Our trainers recommend being careful with how often you do HIIT Cardio, especially if you are following a strenuous weight training routine, because they both take a toll on the central nervous system, and too much of both can lead to some serious fatigue and even a diminished return of results.

**workouts provided by …destination Trainer Vicki Diaz

Here are two very simple HIIT Cardio Routines that you can do on just about any cardio equipment in the gym. We recommend starting with the beginner workout, even if you are an advanced athlete but new to HIIT.

Beginner Training:

3-5 min warm-up at 50%

30 sec run/sprint

30 sec walk/active recovery

Repeat for 20-30 minutes

3-5 min recovery


Advanced Training:

3-5 min warm-up at 50%

60 sec sprint

30 sec walk/jog

Repeat for 40 minutes

3-5 min recovery


High Intensity Interval Training


Looking for a workout that involves the sled? Here’s a super tough pyramid workout that will push your cardio to new limits!


High Intensity Interval Training


Sled Pyramid

Set up 6 cones approximately 10 yards apart. Recover as needed between sprints. Longer distances may need slightly longer recovery.

Sprint 1: 20 yards

Sprint 2: 20 yards (pushing it back to starting cone)

Sprint 3: 30 yards

Sprint 4: 30 yards

Sprint 5: 40 yards

Sprint 6: 40 yards

Sprint 7: 50 yards

Sprint 8: 50 yards

Sprint 9: 40 yards

Sprint 10: 40 yards

Sprint 11: 30 yards

Sprint 12: 30 yards

Sprint 13: 20 yards

Sprint 14: 20 yards

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