Strongman Competitor Spotlight: Luke Potter

Luke Potter is one of …destination’s younger members. At 20 years old, Luke stands at 5’11 and competes in strongman and NPC Classic Physique competitions at the under 242 and 191-208 weight divisions respectively. He started lifting six years ago at age 14 and never looked back. Luke sat down with us to discuss his strongman career and how it has helped improve his fitness in multiple ways.

What got you into strongman?

I decided to give strongman a try because I wanted to improve my weak points. If you look at any professional strongman, you’ll see that they have a huge upper back and shoulders and a huge upper chest. Plus, I was always genetically gifted with strength. When I was a freshman in high school I had a 405 deadlift at 165 pounds. Strongman came very naturally to me. I ended up winning USS Texas Strongest Teen 2016 just a few weeks after placing 3rd in light heavyweights at the NPC Teen/Collegiate/Masters Nationals 2016.

What is your favorite strongman event and why?

 My favorite strongman event would have to be the log press. When I first started my log press was 205. With my programming I now have a 330-pound log press.

How has strongman training helped with your bodybuilding career?

Well, I compete in the NPC for Classic Physique and Bodybuilding, and a few of my weak points were my shoulders, upper chest and upper back thickness. Doing strongman training for nearly under a year improved those weak points dramatically.

What is your goal for your strongman and bodybuilding future?

I got nationally qualified as a teenager in both strongman and bodybuilding and I would have to say my long-term goal is to become an IFBB pro in Classic Physique/Bodybuilding. The whole reason I took my offseason to do strongman was to improve my weak points for the NPC. Also, I think it’d be an exciting idea to become a professional in both strongman and IFBB.

What does a normal strongman diet consist of?

For me personally, I ate 16 whole eggs a day. My main meat source was beef of any kind. I occasionally have white meat, lots of rice, pasta, grits and oats. And chipotle southwest ranch! I added that to almost every meat meal. Believe me, I was living my best life on that diet.

Does your recent bearded look make for a stronger deadlift?

I have to say… it seems extra badass to have a massive beard when lifting stones, logs, and other crazy things. I’ve always been a hairy guy, so it’s my preferred look.

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