Teaming Up With Dallas After School to Make Fitness Fun for Local Children

Dedication to the Iron Sport and a commitment to self-improvement. That’s what we do and what we’re known for. But all of that is actually part of a much bigger goal stated in our company mission: to transform the world with fitness.

From SF Group CEO Michael Johansson: “We recently had a company conference where everyone in the company came up with ideas on how we could find new ways of helping transform lives through fitness. One of the common themes that came up was a focus on youth. Healthy habits should be formed early in life, so we have started to find ways for our team to connect with young people that may not have access to good information or guidance in life to establish a healthy lifestyle with the help of fitness.” 

In support of this cause we recently reached out to Dallas After School to see what we could do that would have a positive impact and promote an active lifestyle in our community.

“[SF Group] contacted us about volunteering, so we connected them with Jubilee, which aligns with what their needs were, which were fitness-based activities,” Justin Henley, Dallas After School.

We thought it was a perfect partnership! In Jubilee Center’s own words, “The mission of Jubilee Park and Community Center is to be a catalyst for community renewal and enrichment to the Jubilee Park Neighborhood, a 62-block area in southeast Dallas. The majority of families here are working poor who are under-served in terms of education and health resources.”

The scope of what Jubilee Center does and their impact on children and families across the Dallas metro area is incredible, and we were thrilled to be able to help in any way possible. So on November 4 we gathered up our team of 20 volunteers and headed out to the Jubilee Center’s facility. We were met by a group of 50 kids that were enthusiastic and ready to get going!

We moved the group through a variety of fitness stations, including shuttle runs, jump rope, partner squats (which the kids thought were hilarious!) as well as a variety of calisthenics and games.

Fitness for kids can and should be fun. It’s about being outside and playing games that get them moving. Jumping rope, playing tag, learning a few FUN basic exercises, we had just as much fun as they did!  One key component of the day’s program was to show the kids activities that are accessible to everyone regardless of family income level. Much of what we did needed no weights or accessories of any kind. We are hoping that the kids will share these activities with their friends and family, and continue to use them on the playground.

Fitness is a lifelong endeavor, and promoting health and activity amongst the Dallas area kids is a privilege for the Destination Dallas family.  No, it’s not the hardcore attitude and content that you’re used to seeing from inside the gym. It’s actually something far more important- promoting and teaching a fit and active lifestyle to the next generation of our community. This and other events like these are another positive step in our mission: transforming the world with fitness.

Watch for many more events like this one in the future.

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