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The First-Time Visitor’s Guide to …destination

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably never been to our gym. Maybe you haven’t been to any gym in a while. Or you are looking for a change in your fitness routine that will help you break through. Wherever you are coming from, you’re not alone. There are increasing numbers of people starting or resuming their fitness journey each day.

If you’re thinking about visiting …destination, we understand that you might be a bit apprehensive. With that in mind, we’ve created a brief beginner’s guide to our unique environment so you won’t feel like a deer in headlights on your first visit.

DON’T Be Intimidated

We can’t stress this enough: don’t feel intimidated when you visit …destination. We built this gym to give people a place to work on themselves, regardless of age, gender, experience or body type. Inside these walls, you’ll see plenty of people who have been at it for years (and it shows). You’ll also see people who haven’t been working out for very long. We make it a point to be an accepting environment and don’t tolerate members who shame fellow gym goers for any reason.

DO Ask for a Tour

When you come in, the front desk should always be your first stop. Whoever’s working can get you set up with a guest pass or a membership and give you a tour of the facilities.

After walking in, the Performance Room is to your right. It features blocks, punching bags, gymnastics rings, and a fantastic squat rig. To the left of the front desk is our GASPBB flagship store. Here you can pick up workout apparel and accessories selected especially for our members. Just past the front desk is our kitchen and lounge area. Perfect spots to enjoy an ICON meal (available for purchase up front) or a recovery drink.

The main floor is directly ahead of you past the lounge. Here you’ll find everything from brand new PRIME machines and one-of-a-kind implements, to a dumbbell rack that features up to 200-pound dumbbells. This is our playground. In recent months, the main floor has started to spill outside.

The cardio area in the back right of the main floor has everything from treadmills to stepmills, with televisions to help keep things interesting. On nice days, we keep the back bay doors open for easy access to the outdoor gym and a nice breeze. Outside, you’ll find most of our strongman implements, including Atlas Stones, tires, farmer’s walk handles and a yoke.

DON’T Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you have questions about the purpose of a machine or your form, or you just need a spotter, don’t hesitate to ask those around you. There’s always the chance they’ll be too zoned in or gassed to give you what you need right that moment, but you may stumble upon your new workout partner.

DO Meet a Trainer

There’s a board with headshots and biographies of …destination’s personal trainers near the front desk. If you think you might enjoy working one-on-one with a trainer, ask a member of our staff. Our training team is made up of fitness experts, and there’s always someone with room for a new client. All trainers have unique specialties, ranging from general weight loss to boxing and bodybuilding. Personal training is particularly useful if you don’t have a history of working out and want to learn proper form and/or build up motivation.

Get Hooked

We want …destination to be a community that you truly enjoy being a part of. Making the gym a regular, enjoyable part of your schedule is the first step toward becoming your best self. We can’t wait to embark on this fitness journey, together.

Welcome to …destination. See you at the gym!

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