Transformation Challenge Story: Erica Davis

Erica Davis, a busy mother of two teenage boys and a full-time high school teacher, was first introduced to the destination Transformation Challenge through her neighbor Jeff Duffie.

Jeff, who won 2nd place in Transformation Challenge 1, knew Erica loved working out and asked her to join him for a Saturday morning bootcamp.

“As much as exercising was not new to me, I had great reservation to get out of my comfort zone with new people,” Erica says. “Little did I know that this would change my life.”

Erica, who had never done a transformation challenge before, found it intimidating at first. But what motivated her the most was knowing she could improve her unhealthy habits and truly take the time to focus on her well-being for a change.

“I neglected taking care of myself for many years because I felt an immense amount of guilt [focusing] on myself and taking time away from my family. [But] I knew I needed to start thinking about myself to live a healthier lifestyle,” Erica says.

Some of Erica’s personal goals throughout her transformation journey were to eat cleaner and increase her muscle mass. She felt that having an accountability and support system helped her stick to these goals and transform her lifestyle.

But her journey wasn’t always easy. Erica experienced setbacks with her cheat meals, finding it hard to eat clean while going out with friends and being surrounded by greasy foods.

“Sometimes a cheat meal became a cheat day,” Erica says. “Portion control was also something I struggled with. I love food, and it was hard for me to stop when I was full.

Despite these bumps in the road, Erica found the motivation and support she needed from her bootcamp community.

“Without them, I probably would have given up. They have become my second family,” Erica says.

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