Transformation Spotlight: Jessica Moyer

We’d like to introduce you to one of …destination’s greatest success stories: Jessica Moyer.

When Jessica decided it was time to take her physical fitness into her own hands, she dove in without hesitation. During her transformation, she managed to put on muscle while burning a tremendous amount of body fat. Jessica completely changed her approach to life and started to believe in a healthy self-image. The results speak for themselves.

When Jessica stepped onto the stage at her first NPC show, she knew her commitment had finally paid off – but her journey isn’t over. She plans to continue improving herself physically and mentally. She also plans on giving back to her community by helping others follow in her footsteps at …destination.

When you see Jessica’s transformation, just remember: it’s not just about changing your workout or changing your diet. It’s about changing your lifestyle. But don’t take it from us – read what she has to say.

Jessica before her transformation

Jessica before her transformation

Many people struggle with changing their habits, especially when it comes to diet. What helped you change your habits during your transformation?

“The first thing I changed was my mind. I use to look at myself and hate my body, I learned to start loving it and that’s when things started changing. The second thing I did was make manageable changes, like deciding to stop drinking soda and start drinking water. Once that became a habit, I’d add another change. The third thing was to have a goal. Lose a dress size, finish a 5K, etc.”

Did you ever experience setbacks or failures in your transformation? Struggle with motivation and fatigue? How did you overcome and conquer? 

“Yes. I failed many times. But I always used that as a learning experience so I knew what to change the next time. It’s about failing forwards. The biggest thing I learned was to never stop. If I ate something off plan or skipped a workout, I would dust myself off and keep going. It’s not healthy to beat yourself up.”

What is your favorite method for prepping food? Once a week, twice a week, day by day? What type of meal programming did you follow?

“I’ve prepped food so many different ways, but currently I like bulk prepping my food for 2 to 3 days at a time. The food stays fresh for me and I won’t get bored with it. Plus I enjoy cooking so it’s gives me a chance to change up the seasonings or the way I prepare my food. I’ve also had different programs. I’ve juiced, I’ve tried high fat, high protein and balanced diets. I like to listen to my body and see what makes it feel good. It also helped to have a coach who knew a lot more about food and dieting to help guide me.”

Jessica at her first NPC show

Jessica today

How important do you feel your surroundings and community are when transforming your own body? Do you feel like certain situations or people can knock you off track? If so, do you have any advice for handling those situations?

“I feel like people play a huge role when you’re going through a transformation. Many people didn’t understand what I was going through during the process and would actually encourage me to eat unhealthy foods. I know they weren’t trying to hurt me; they just weren’t on the same path as me. I ended up connecting with like-minded people, following people that could inspire me on social media, and making friends that shared my goals. It was a huge contributor to my success.”

Has exercise always been a part of your life? If not, when did you start? 

“Exercise hasn’t always been a part of my life. I was a homebody growing up but played sports here and there. I walked quite a bit by the time I was in high school but that was the extent of it. I started really working out when I turned 31, about 8 years ago.”

What’s your favorite diet meal and favorite cheat meal?

As far as a diet meal, it would have to be a lean steak with a sweet potato and broccoli. My favorite cheat meal varies, but I usually learn toward street tacos, a burger, or pho.