Transformation Story: Chris Frasier

Transformation Story: Chris Frasier

“If you’re going to do it, you need to do it now or else you’re just not going to do it,” Chris Frasier says of the upcoming Transformation Challenge.

Chris, who saw amazing results after participating in Transformation Challenge 2, knew he wasn’t finished at the end of the challenge.

Although he lost weight and built some strength, Chris wanted to participate in Transformation Challenge 3 to push himself harder and see how far he could go in his fitness journey.

“My favorite part of the challenge this time around was actually all the information that was available… but I kind of took it to heart this time,” Chris says.

Between the workouts, diet tips, calorie counting, Periscope sessions, and being able to ask questions to professional trainers – Chris was able to go from weight loss to fitness gains.

Chris says one of the most valuable lessons he learned was being able to actively take the habits he formed in Transformation Challenge 2 and turning that into a lifestyle. With out-of-state weddings to attend and a week-long trip overseas on his plate, Chris hit many curveballs this time around.

“Getting this in and getting this done was definitely a choice. But I learned how to balance living an active lifestyle and having a life,” Chris says. “It was really empowering to know that I can do both.”

Chris who is now seven months into the process is more confident than ever that he’ll continue to keep going.

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