Transformation Challenge 3 Winner Teresa Pavelka

Transformation Story: Teresa Pavelka

…destination Transformation Challenge 4 is officially underway! The transformation challenge is our way to motivate and reward those who want to make a change and transform their lifestyle. We give you all of the tools necessary to succeed from meal plans and diet plans, to once a week live Q&A sessions.

transformation challenge 4 kick off meeting

The newest challenge of 2017 started with a kickoff event at …destination on January 14th. The challenge is set to end April 8th.

TC3 Winner

While we’re excited for the new participants, we wanted to take a moment to showcase one of the winners of Transformation Challenge 3, Teresa Pavelka.

Teresa utilized the guidebook given out to participants to achieve success in TC3. The guidebook has diet plans and workouts broken out by gender and by activity level. It also comes packed with information on having the right mindset, and how to navigate the challenge.

“I knew I didn’t look good, I didn’t feel good about myself, and I was just ready for a change.”

We get a lot of participants that are in the same boat as Teresa. Things happen and life gets in the way. The transformation challenge aims to put people’s “boats” back on the right track by offering tools and motivation to it’s challengers.

Teresas favorite part of the challenge was how easy the it was when started utilizing the tools in the guidebook. She also liked seeing the progress through the weekly photo check-ins. The weekly progress pictures help keep all participants accountable and motivated.

“You cannot outrun a bad diet.”

Teresa, like many of us, thought that she could outwork whatever she ate. She soon realized, however, that this strategy wasn’t working. She decided to make a change and began incorporating timing and portion control into her diet regiment. With her new plan, she was still able to lose weight while working out less. According to Teresa, “the weight just started falling off!”

We’re very proud of the progress Teresa made during her 12 weeks of TC3 and look forward to working with her and the new participants in TC4!

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