yuri diogenes transformation challenge

Transformation Story: Yuri Diogenes

Although Yuri Diogenes is now a successful author, transformation coach, and bodybuilder, there was a time when he was overweight and unhappy with his lifestyle choices. At 280 pounds and 36% body fat, Yuri realized the need for true transformation in order to take back control of his life.

yuri diogenes transformation challenge

Yuri’s personal journey to transformation started in 2011 when he was introduced to Greg McCoy, of …destination DALLAS, TX. They decided to lay out specific goals for Yuri to accomplish every three months.

“I was probably the transformation challenge beta,” Yuri laughs.

There was no prize for completing challenge after challenge, but that didn’t let Yuri’s willpower to change his life lose its momentum.

“Unfortunately I had to wait until I was unhealthy – really unhealthy – to click and say okay it’s time to change,” Yuri says.

Yuri also supports those who are already healthy and simply want to start a Transformation Challenge to grow to the next level. “Just make sure your challenge is not just about looks and fads and gaining muscle. It’s about getting to the next level… so everyone can participate,” Yuri says.

yuri diogenes transformation challenge

The Transformation Challenge is a great platform to carry out multiple goals. “You can transform yourself from weak to strong, from fat to lean, from skinny to muscular…” Greg says.

You have a set goal and a dedicated time frame to get to that goal with the support of an amazing and accountable community every step of the way. With access to a private social media community, you’re able to interact with people from all around the world who are doing the exact same thing as you.

Yuri believes that by being in a community of people with the same mindset, who are focused on the same goals, people feel less shy about sharing parts of your transformation journey, “They are fearless of sharing their own stories, their own struggles,” Yuri says.

Yuri believes this platform for sharing builds greater motivation and accountability

“The real prize is going through this process,” Yuri says, which he feels works well for the vast majority of people.

yuri diogenes transformation challenge

Yuri, who’s managed to lose 100 pounds within the first year of starting the challenge, believes in the power of receiving and sharing knowledge. “It’s very important that you interact. Things will not come to you if you do not ask,” Yuri says.

With Transformation Challenges starting up again, the New Year is a great time to get started on your own transformation journey. “When you’re in the right mindset, grab a couple of buddies and join up in the challenge,” Greg encourages.

yuri diogenes transformation challenge

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