A Message From The CEO - Our "Why"

Our WHY as a company with destination, GASP and Better Bodies is to better the world with the help of fitness…

The vision and reason to exist behind the destination project was to create a second home away from home. A dream world for our own workouts that was free from unnecessary norms and expectations from society.

Michael Johansson Gym

A place where we create social belonging regardless of background, color, sex or creed. An open-door type of destination that is more like an extension of our own living room.

It has never been about making money but ONLY to create a place for passion and purpose driven people that have an emotional ownership in the destination project and its culture.

Now I can proudly say that in my book we are definitely on the right journey towards our own dream, where Destination is our second home and is well taken care of by its members and staff.


We have fun in and around our home base and the environment is truly JUDGEMENT FREE which is a hard thing to achieve. We are a diverse crowd of like-minded people…  

Destination gym is 7 years old and has never made any money as every dime has been reinvested together with even more support from GASP and Better Bodies.

We are fueled by the progress and we continue to work hard to create more fun and improve the fitness journey through our WHY with the help of our destination members and GASP/Better Bodies around the world.

Michael Johansson, CEO

MJ Office