Center Stage | Taylor McGehee

An online fitness coach, content creator, and aspiring pro bodybuilder, Taylor McGehee is a young entrepreneur who's building muscles and building a business. Determined to build a career around his passions, Taylor recently caught traction on the app TikTok, where he posts workout tutorials and helpful training tips.

"Three to four months ago I decided to put my all into social media, specifically Instagram and TikTok and that has been quite the journey. I've had to teach myself different programs, sitting six to seven hours in front of a computer screen failing constantly...I've just learned so much. I'm consistently putting out the kind of content I enjoy and I'm starting to get recognition for it."

Taylor says he still has much more to accomplish on his journey, but it starts with making sure he wins at the end of the day and crossing off those daily goals.

Keep up with Taylor's journey on social media: @McGeezy_Fit (Instagram & TikTok)