Committed To Sacrifice

Time waits for no one. It's always ticking away and what you spend in your life, no matter if it is spent being productive or bullshitting, you won't ever get time back.

Aratio is a super heavyweight competitive bodybuilder and also a full-time firefighter. He understood what he lives by now "committed to sacrifice" as a teenager.

The sacrifice can be the time it takes to learn a new craft or time spent NOT going to particular parties. Sacrificing one thing for the sake of what you really want. Either way, a sacrifice, and choice are being made. Whether that choice is going to empower you or delay and hinder you from reaching your goals relies on the understanding of this concept. This mantra of "committed to sacrifice" also alludes to the fact that Aratio is a firefighter. Being a firefighter is a higher-risk profession. Admittedly Aratio has not had too many close calls but it remains that he and his crew risk their own well-being for the sake of others.