Community Spotlight: Jay Marcus - The Bodybuilding Barber

"I am the bodybuilding barber."

Jay Marcus found our community and very quickly thereafter our community found him. The core values that we stand for were already applied in Jay's life and in and around his profession as a barber. He not only provides a great service but is a wholesome and legit great guy.

"March 20th made 20 years of cutting hair. Having an artistic mind, it developed into a passion. If you provide a good service and you're a good person, people naturally gravitate toward you. What you give out is what you get back."

Being a part of the community, Jay was not immune to the draw of the bodybuilding process and competitive stage. Here in this video, Jay was a few days out from his first contest.

"Honestly bodybuilding provided me with an outlet for everyday life. Bodybuilding allows me to express that aggressive side of me, that passion for life period."

The takeaways here in this video are right in line with what we love and stand for. You will always get back what you put in. Respect yourself and others and put into anything that you want out of it.

No excuses and no compromises are alive and well with Jay and his thriving business, family, and reception from the community is proof of all that.