Hitting PR's and Posing with Martin Fitzwater

If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life... Everyone has heard this saying when it comes to having a regular job and making a living doing what you love.

Martin Fitzwater is a step above that when it comes to bodybuilding. The "suck" as most competitive bodybuilders refer to it is not unpleasant for Martin.

First, let's define what "the suck" is. This refers to the extreme zone of bodybuilding, specifically when you FORCE the body to do what it does not want to, which goes against innate survival instincts and against the usual path of least resistance. For example, forcing food down during the offseason. Eating is not a pleasure, it is part of the "suck." Literal force-feeding yourself to build on the increased stimulus from the heavier weights, more demanding workouts, and building up your metabolism so that the shred process comes more efficiently. Next in this suck zone would be the diet process. This diet/shred process is not what would be considered healthy. Its purpose is to expose every striation in every muscle group and getting as close to skinless as possible. Now that we have defined (more or less) what the suck is, we can explain that Martin wouldn't define it as the suck but the opposite i.e. "pleasure." This is what is actually enjoyable for Martin. So imagine that these processes of pushing food and pushing your body's ability to appear skinless and the pain associated with intense training are actually enjoyable, THEN you understand the extremes that are possible from Martin and people who shift their perspective like him.

Fresh off a flight and straight to Destination Dallas, Martin Fitzwater did not waste any time training chest and hitting a personal PR on dumbbell presses. Martin is set to compete at the 2021 IFBB Chicago Pro this coming July, so keep your eyes peeled for the shreds that are about to come.