OLYMPIA November 1-5, 2023

Iron World Tour Olympia 2023

November 1st-5th, 2023

Let's hang out and have some fun together!

No matter where you are in the Iron World, we have a place for you.


Olympia festivities are in the making!

 Friends and ambassadors of GASP & Better Bodies and members of Destination - Save the dates November 1st through 5th for Iron World Tour - Olympia 2023 
As always, to show our hospitality, we will have free food and activities for those who can join the whole or part of the tour.


Activities involve:

Next-level workouts at Kissimmee Muscle Gym and Iron Religion Gym,

and a Watch party and team dinner at our GASP & Better Bodies Olympia house.


Just like last year’s Olympia in Las Vegas, we are making this into a new chapter of epic memories.

Words for those who want to make it happen: Let's bring out the No Excuses mindset and give back to ourselves by saying yes and also "be about it".


Most people say yes, and then they don’t do anything about it... who do you want to be? Join us!


You are a valuable contributor to our mission, and we would be honored to welcome you to the GASP & Better Bodies Olympia House

We have a lot of activities this week and we need to know who is coming to the various events. 

Note: We do not cover expenses for travel or accommodations, but we will provide the entrance fee to the events. Transportations to and from events is your responsibility.