Live Every Day With Passion and Purpose

One common denominator of the human race is that we all aim to do the "right" thing. Whether it be serve your country, choose the right career, be the best role model, or lift up your community. In that same breath, another common denominator as humans is that we all struggle with inner demons, challenges and set backs while trying to do the "right" thing. Brandon Orange was stationed in the demilitarized zone in South Korea awaiting orders at any moment to deploy to Iraq after the terrorist attacks in New York City in 2001. In a training accident he was injured and had to face rehabilitation while his unit was deployed and later killed in Iraq. The 10 years after this all unfolded was a dark time for Brandon questioning his presence still on this Earth with thoughts that he should have died with his unit and living everyday in pain from the accident. Brandon's story is one of conquering inner demons such as the debilitating clinical depression and learning to live through constant daily pain from the injuries he sustained in S. Korea. In 2015 he moved from the army rehab facility in San Antonio to Dallas. He earned his bachelors and MBA. He later joined Destination to continue on his own passion driven journey to improve both mentally and physically in order to be a role model for his kids and his community. "I moved to a city where no one knew me. No one knew I was injured. No one felt sorry for me and I wanted it that way. I joined a place that encourages the no limits and no fear mentality and to live every day with passion and purpose."