Meet-Up / Breakfast & Barbells

On any given day you can find "homies" at Destination Dallas Texas.

Destination Dallas Texas always cool visitors, the pros, ambassadors, friends, and family, and ESPECIALLY the inner TEAM here.

What REALLY goes on at Destination Dallas Texas?

On Friday, January 20th, it’s the first Meet-Up of the year. We have Derek Lunsford and Jessica Reyes in the house, come, hang out, catch a workout, and grab some BBQ from our master chef Michael Johansson (CEO). We start at 7 pm and it’s FREE for everyone.

Can’t come Friday night?

Then you have another chance on Saturday morning January 21st at Breakfast and Barbells where we cater breakfast. Catch up with Mike Newkirk, Emily Harrison, Michael Haynes, and Michael Johansson, Branch Warren, and Derek Lunsfors. You can also run into Keone Pearson, Trish Warren, trainer Nick Bagley, trainer Joe Fantauzzi, Pam Ribeiro, and many many more.

And we don’t stop there, sign up for our Deadlift Challenge, everyone has the chance to win. Deadlift 150% of your body weight as many times as you can. The one who gets the most reps win!

Destination Dallas Texas welcomes you to a weekend you will not forget!

Sign Up for Deadlift Challenge HERE

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