Mr. USA Jordan Hutchinson Hits Up Destination with Chris Tuttle

Life is won by people who risk it.

People who bet on themselves and go for it.

Jordan Hutchinson won the 2021 NPC USA Overall and is visiting his coach Chris Tuttle here in DFW. "I have always wanted to visit destination. it has been a bucket list item for a while now." Justin, Chris, and videographer Clive, hit up destination and meet the whole crew during some product testing and a company-wide meeting to introduce themselves and talk about upcoming plans.

"I got up to an off-season weight of about 290lb and we are looking at the Texas Pro for my debut." The Texas Pro, in the last 2 years has become an immensely popular and by default STACKED competition. It is pretty bold to claim something and put all of your focus behind it, hence the provocative thumbnail caption. As mentioned earlier, life is won by people who claim lofty goals and then put all their focus behind them and back it up. Best of luck to Jordan.
It was awesome to have him in the house!

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