Success - Common Denominators: Ty Masterpool, Michael Johansson, Kris Gethin and Brandon Pederson

Success knows no age. It doesn't discriminate from old to young. It is safe to say that success might be more elusive when a few key components are absent.

Here we link up in a real and raw Destination LIVE interview with GASP CEO Michael Johansson, Kris Gethin, moto phenom Ty Masterpool and Brandon Pederson.

Ty Masterpool is only 19 years old but is experiencing massive success on the moto scene. Moto sports is not so far removed from bodybuilding in the sense that training, nutrition, mentality and work ethic play critical roles is how high you rise and how fast.

In this interview, Michael and Kris find the commonalities between bodybuilding and business success and the success that Ty and Pederson are building on right now.

I find that the most successful athletes we have had have a super focused goal, but also keep their peripheral focus at the same time.