True Progression & True Bodybuilding: Olivia Gravengaard and Emily Miller

What's the best way to always take two steps forward and no steps back? Eliminate excuses and distractions.

You have heard it many times over but, just like in bodybuilding, hearing and understanding the "reps" of "the only person holding you back in YOU" is crucial to your foundation of knowing what you really want to pursue in life. Once you truly know you're why is when you cut distractions and excuses from your life without a second thought.

Olivia Gravengaard and Emily Miller link up for back training. They are both in the figure category, Olivia is making her professional debut here in 2021 and Emily is preparing to enter and National qualifier to later make her run at turning pro herself.

In usual Olivia and Luke fashion and with this particular Emily collaboration, they train and spell out the nuances in exercise selection and execution.

"Lat and back development in the figure division is huge." They discuss the importance of emphasizing lat development with a laser focus on hitting lats with respect to function and range of motion.

Then Olivia and Emily get deep with their own definitions of what is "true bodybuilding" and when everything lines up, from nutrition and training to skipping weekend bangers and prioritizing regular sleep patterns, to make consistent and true progress as fast as possible. "True bodybuilding and making progress the priority, transcends bodybuilding."

Watch this full video with Olivia and Emily and decide for yourself if you're 100% committed or if there is room for eliminating excuses and figuring out if YOU really want what you say you want.